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Shadows over the Moonsea – An Expeditions Reflection

Last night, I ran my first game of Expeditions. Our group has been playing through Hoard of the Dragon Queen almost exclusively, so I felt like it would be a nice change to run through something different. Plus, my players wanted renoun and magic items, so to Expeditions it was! The choice of Shadows was because I had heard great reviews of it, and I liked that it wasn’t completely¬†combat-focused, which was a change for my players.

To go through this discussion, I’ll break it down by the parts of the adventure¬†and give a little reflection/commentary on each, then finish up with a few overall thoughts. Continue reading


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Yu-Gi-Oh Dice Masters Starter Set

By chance today, I came across the Yu-Gi-Oh Dice Masters starter today at Target. I’ve been watching for this whenever I’ve been out (along with the AvX Starter, which I will find eventually) so naturally I grabbed it. Rather than only opening it and having the stuff for my own collection, I figured I may as well share it here along with a bit of initial thoughts. So, here we go.

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