Dragon Pouch Orange/Black Dice Bag Review

On Reddit, there was a post last week asking people to review a dice bag from Dragon Pouch, and in exchange they gave a coupon code to order one for just shipping cost. So, I volunteered and it arrived today. So, consider this my statement that I did receive this as a reviewer.

In terms of materials, this bag is well made. The stitching is all clean, and it does feel very durable. The outside has a velvet material, which I know is going to attract pet hair and dirt like no other, but it feels and looks nice. A dragon logo is embroidered on the front in black thread, so it doesn’t stand out too much, which I do appreciate, although the dragon does look really nice, so I don’t think I would mind if it stood out a bit more. The interior material is nylon, which is certainly durable, but gives the dreaded crinkling sound when opening and closing the bag. The drawstring feels solid, and the piece used to hold the bag closed seems to grip well, so I don’t have any concerns about it holding the top closed. The drawstring is a bit stiff to close, and does leave a small gap when pulled tight, but I don’t think that will be an issue, as I think a d4 would be the only possible one to slip out, and those are pretty much always at the bottom of the bag.

When I opened the box, I was disappointed at the size of the bag and was sure it wouldn’t hold as many dice as my other bag. I was pleasantly surprised, however. It holds all of the dice that the other bag does and closes just fine. My other bag still has more capacity, but this one certainly holds plenty.

One advantage of the material that this bag is made of is that it does stand up when open. This, combined with the large opening, make it easy to find whatever die is needed at that moment. It’s something that they promoted as a feature of the bag, so I felt it was worth mentioning here, and it does offer a convenience that isn’t necessarily something that first comes to mind when thinking about what to look for in a dice bag.

While this bag will likely not become my main bag, it does have its advantages and I will likely use it a fair bit.

This bag is available on Amazon, for $17.99 (MSRP $19.99).



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Shadows over the Moonsea – An Expeditions Reflection

Last night, I ran my first game of Expeditions. Our group has been playing through Hoard of the Dragon Queen almost exclusively, so I felt like it would be a nice change to run through something different. Plus, my players wanted renoun and magic items, so to Expeditions it was! The choice of Shadows was because I had heard great reviews of it, and I liked that it wasn’t completely¬†combat-focused, which was a change for my players.

To go through this discussion, I’ll break it down by the parts of the adventure¬†and give a little reflection/commentary on each, then finish up with a few overall thoughts. Continue reading

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Yu-Gi-Oh Dice Masters Starter Set

By chance today, I came across the Yu-Gi-Oh Dice Masters starter today at Target. I’ve been watching for this whenever I’ve been out (along with the AvX Starter, which I will find eventually) so naturally I grabbed it. Rather than only opening it and having the stuff for my own collection, I figured I may as well share it here along with a bit of initial thoughts. So, here we go.

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An experience as a Local Coordinator for D&D Adventurers League

Wow. Over a year without touching this. Time to blow off the dust and get in the habit of posts.

I recently traveled to a store that wanted to get things rolling on running AL games. This trip was both enjoyable and frustrating at the same time.

First, the good – The players that came (ended up with six) all seemed to really enjoy themselves and were a creative group to DM for. I found myself having to think on my feet a bit more than my usual group has me doing because I had two players that had been playing since 1st/2nd edition and know what to ask and where to look for things. After playing, they were all excited to play again and seemed a little disappointed that I was only there to get things started, not to be their actual DM (It’s an hour drive. Sorry, not going to happen on a weekly basis – That’s a gas cost I can’t just add in). The players all interacted with each other well and, while they did get a bit goofy at times, generally stayed on track and moved the story along well.

The not so good – The players all came unprepared, including the guy that will be their regular DM. Like, no dice, no pencils, no idea what AL was, even though I had passed along all of the information ahead of time. For two of them, it’s completely forgivable. They had come to play Magic (there was an EDH group going at the same time) and then jumped over to our table when they saw what we were playing. The store owner was also not so prepared. I understand that store owners have a lot to take care of, but if they are truly interested in trying to get AL games going, I would hope that the store organizer and/or the DM would take the time to familiarize themselves with the materials available so that they can ask more specific questions, rather than only asking me things that they could have very easily found out on their own from the documentation.

The bad – I left the store feeling hopeful for their group, but I have a feeling that AL isn’t going to work for them. One player was asking about using homebrew classes/races, which I had to explain was not something that would be AL legal. Another player spoke right over the designated DM saying that he would run the games, but that they would be 3.5e and not as “detailed” as what I was running for them. The store owner e-mailed me the next day asking my opinion on how things went, and I explained to him what the next steps would need to be. I’m hopeful that he is able to get the information organized with the DM and get things running in the right direction, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if they end up going a completely casual route. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does make my trip over a bit of a wasted effort.

This will certainly be an experience that I can learn from as an LC, pushing me to be sure that the stores are more aware of the expectations that I will have before I make a trip over. Trusting that the store will take a look at the information ahead of time was clearly not the best move in this case, so that will be something I will be sure to verify with them ahead of time.

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The Boobs and Butt Pose

For people that read commentary on comics/pop culture, the boobs and butt pose is not something that would be considered “new.” It is a long-lived way for females to be posed on the covers of comics, movies, books, etc. They are placed in a position that is awkward at best, potentially even impossible poses, allowing both their boobs and butt to be prominently displayed. These sexualized poses are not something that surprise me anymore, but today on Reddit I saw the image below, which I found greatly amusing, asking what the Avengers poster would look like if the male characters were posed like Black Widow.

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